Here are some audio mixing examples from songs that I mixed.

Miguel Batalha - Fake Reality  Unmixed Raw Tracks

Miguel Batalha - Fake Reality  Mixed Track

Robert Jon and The Wreck - Good Lovin' Raw Unmixed tracks

Robert Jon and The Wreck - Good Lovin' Mixed track

Little Empire - Stronger Raw Unmixed tracks

Little Empire - Stronger Mixed track

I have been recording and mixing for about 17 years. I started recording to tape in the 90's and then swiftly transitioned to digital and all of its versatility. It started with live recording and mixing with bands and live televised events and shows. Now I mix musicians/bands as well as sound design and editing for Post Production.

Here is a link to an article in Recording Magazine about the last album I Co - Produced, Edited, Mixed and Performed on.

JB Lamont, Mixing Engineer on SoundBetter

Here is an album that I co-produced, recorded, Edited, Mixed and Performed on.  The artist is Michele Zaccone and the band was Tethered.

Track 1 - Feining

Track 2 - Stay

Track 3 - With out a name

Track 4 - Luster

Track 5 - Desire

Track 6 - Incomplete

Track 7 - Fade

Track 8 - Please

Track 9 - Dream

Track 10 - Tethered

Track 11 - Breathing in